Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dream Boy

I call this guy my dream boy, even though he acts as if I don't exist
He's the only one I fear rejection from, the words won't seem to come from my lips
He understands my story, my imperfections, my heart, my loyalty
Damn, he really got me sitting here writing poetry
He's really not ready for me, man I wish he was
I think he's just scared to open his heart, and give a chance on love
A chance on love, a chance on faith, a chance on us
I doubt the day will ever come, watch my dreams fade to dust
I want to say he's missing out, is he really?
A world full of beautiful women, single life, perfect situation ideally
He sits on my mind, no lie, but I don't make it obvious
But he roams the street, forgets about me, and I adjust
He really never had a girl to love, so he don't know what he's missing 
As I sit here and mesmerize, and only wonder, boy has me trippin'
I'd say one day, but one day is not guaranteed
I guess I just have to settle for the answer, and set my heart free
It's crazy I won't give up, there's never been an us
No more than goofy friends, even though I wish there was
But dreams are just dreams, and reality is life
So now it's time for me to tell that dream goodbye

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