Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's been a while....

It's been a very long while. I mean it's not like anyone has noticed but that's actually sort of a good thing. I can create an online diary because I am no good with actually diaries. I love to write but I guess I've become lazy and like most of society, I gradually gravitated to technology. I mean, it makes life SO much easier. Yet, it has it's disadvantages as well. Anyways, before I get off topic, so much has happened. I plan to use this blog as my personal diary and document when special and important situations happen in my life. If I grow an audience, fantastic! If not, that's okay too. This is basically just for me to look back on. Writing, or in this case typing, is a great way for expressing emotions and letting things go free. I have always depended on it in the past to relieve stress so why not continue again? If you follow me along this journey, thank you. I plan to post everyday and stay true. No sugar coating and no holding back.

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