Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grrrr MOFOS!


    What I can not stand the most is a hypocrite! Don't come at someone else for something you're guilty of doing yourself. Like what the heck?!?!? What is your life about? GET IT TOGETHER! You can't get mad at someone for doing the same activities you participate in. Want to get mad at other people? Get angry with yourself! Check yourself first before you try and check someone else. You obviously acknowledge the person's wrong doings so apparently what you do is just as wrong. Hypocrisy will always and will forever remain a mystery to me. Like do people not realize they're criticizing someone for the same crap they're involved in themselves? Jerks -____-

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Definition of love:

    It feels like you're dreaming, as if you never seem to wake up. Except thing is, you're awake. You're awake and all your fairytale thoughts are finally true. Prince charming exists; he awaits his Princess so they can live happily ever after in this screwed up world. Now that leads to the definition of prince charming.

Definition of prince charming:

    Prince charming looks right past her flaws. No wait, he idolizes them. He views her inner beauty as more admirable than her outter appearance. She completes him as a whole and life without her corrupts his fairytale image. No matter what anyone says, it would never change the way he feels for her. He sees her as one of a kind; unique. Her presence catches her attention; making it so easy to love her.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starting all over

I am really about to start my life all over again.

People who try to bring me down? Bye

People who serve no purpose in my life? Bye

People who cannot be depended on? Bye

People who makes excuses for every action they make? Bye

People who think they are above everyone else? Bye bye!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Unexpected Situations

The most important thing that needs to be realized is things do happen for a reason. You can't be upset with yourself because we only have limited control but over so many things. When something you're not so happy with happens, usually something great follows after. You have to experience the bad to get the good in life. Just learn to never give up or lose hope. Also plan out your life and the decisions you make wisely so better things will attract to you opposed to unwanted situations. Evaluate the people and things in your life and remove any negativity whatsoever.

Friday, November 23, 2012

My Aspirations and Future Goals

One, I would love to be and will be a Fashion Stylist. I have a huge passion for fashion; it's incredible. I enjoy styling people just for the fun of it and helping people feel good in the clothes they wear. Your choice of clothing reflects your personality and who you are as a whole. Fashion should not be about fitting in. It should be about showing the world who you are; stand out. Be your own, let your clothes do some of the talking. Allow it to express everything you ever wanted to express. At least that's how I feel about fashion. Fashion is honestly my world. Creating new looks gives me the opportunity to just learn about fashion each and every day. That is probably the reason why I admire Tumblr so much. Everyday i'm exposed to different clothing, models, accessories, etc. I have an eye for details and unordinary things. I like to wear things I know I will not catch other people wearing.

Speaking of fashion, I want to create a brand called Fashion Asylum. If not, something named after me ( Zennie Rosado ). I'm also not sure if I should have two companies: one for fashion styling and one for creating custom made clothing. That may be too much work to manage or i could just combine the two and make it all into one big company but then it might get confusing. I don't know yet. It's a lot to figure out.

To the fashion styling business, so far I already bought a portfolio with empty plastic covers for photos. My plans is to take photos of people I style, have the photos edited then submitted to the portfolio. I want the people in my portfolio to be ordinary everyday life people because my portfolio will attract people who relate to them. They'll feel more comfortable with me styling them.