Friday, November 23, 2012

My Aspirations and Future Goals

One, I would love to be and will be a Fashion Stylist. I have a huge passion for fashion; it's incredible. I enjoy styling people just for the fun of it and helping people feel good in the clothes they wear. Your choice of clothing reflects your personality and who you are as a whole. Fashion should not be about fitting in. It should be about showing the world who you are; stand out. Be your own, let your clothes do some of the talking. Allow it to express everything you ever wanted to express. At least that's how I feel about fashion. Fashion is honestly my world. Creating new looks gives me the opportunity to just learn about fashion each and every day. That is probably the reason why I admire Tumblr so much. Everyday i'm exposed to different clothing, models, accessories, etc. I have an eye for details and unordinary things. I like to wear things I know I will not catch other people wearing.

Speaking of fashion, I want to create a brand called Fashion Asylum. If not, something named after me ( Zennie Rosado ). I'm also not sure if I should have two companies: one for fashion styling and one for creating custom made clothing. That may be too much work to manage or i could just combine the two and make it all into one big company but then it might get confusing. I don't know yet. It's a lot to figure out.

To the fashion styling business, so far I already bought a portfolio with empty plastic covers for photos. My plans is to take photos of people I style, have the photos edited then submitted to the portfolio. I want the people in my portfolio to be ordinary everyday life people because my portfolio will attract people who relate to them. They'll feel more comfortable with me styling them.

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